Anyone can promise you savings on your electricity bills, we are the only ones that will prove it to you - or your money back.

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Take Charge

Control your energy usage and costs

Control your costs

Compare rates in the market and
pick the best one to save up to 30%

Control your risks

Get the safest rate, or take some risks
and try to get more savings

Control your source

Decide which energy source and
which generator you want to support

Control your footprint

Based on your usage, calculate and
offset your carbon footprint

Track everything

Get weekly and monthly reports on everything;
complete transparency

Your home. Your plan.

We give you the tools that you need to create an
electricity plan that is personalized to fit your needs

Maximize Savings

Your Custom Plan

Minimize Emissions

Annual Savings:


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Energy Sources:

Your personal energy portal

See for yourself

Anyone can promise you savings.
We will actually show them to you

Build your perfect plan

Compare all the options in the market,
and create the plan that is best for you

Track everything

Track your usage, costs, and savings
through your personalized energy portal

A plan you can trust

EnPowered was started because we were tired of door-to-door scams and sneaky contracts.
Say goodbye to cancellation fees and hidden costs, control your energy with EnPowered.

NO Cancellation Fees

NO Hidden Costs

COMPLETE Transparency

You are in good company

EnPowered is committed to giving power back to the people.
See below for what we've done for one of our customers.

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