Group-Buying with Aggregation

EnPowered can secure very low rates by grouping many customers together in a buying group, greatly lowering your costs whether you represent a condo tower, property management group, or an entire city.

How Group-Buying Works

EnPowered allows you to get lower rates by working together, while still receiving individualized reports and plans.

Condominium Towers

Charities and Non-Profits

Property Managers

Cities and Townships

Condominium Towers

Lower Rates

By aggregating the entire building and all of the individual units, we are able to secure a lower electricity rate.

Individual Reporting

Every month, through an online portal, the board will receive a summary report for the building and each unit-holder will receive their own personalized reports.

High Customizability

The building as a whole, and each unit-holder individually, can customize their plan to support an energy source or reduce their carbon footprint.

The Group Buying Process

Customer Success Stories

$132,000 in Annual Savings Secured

Prestige PM is a property management group in Ontario, EnPowered was able to help reduce the electricity costs at three of their buildings.

By working with their utility, we were able to secure over $132,000 in annual savings within 30 days.

“As a property manager, we need to report results to our boards each month. The monthly savings reports are invaluable to us, and I am happy to say that we have been able to show savings every month.”

- Rachel Hunt, President

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