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Take Charge of Your Energy

We are sick of the slow-moving energy industry filled with door-to-door schemes.
We want to help our customers and Give Power Back to the People. Our average customer

saves $275 per year


Find out if you are being burned

Compare your current and historical rates with the utility and see if you are getting a good deal

Compare all the rates in the market

Get the real picture. We compare all the rates in the market - including the sneaky hidden details

Create your perfect plan

Set your target costs, risk, and energy source preferences to create a completely personalized rate


Guaranteed savings with no risk

A hedged rate will offer guaranteed savings, dropping with market rates but never rising higher than utility rates

Greater savings with some risk

Variable and fixed rates can offer increased savings but you risk losing money if market and utility rates change

High potential savings with some risk

If you are comfortable with risk, you can directly access the exchange markets and place hedges yourself


Understand your local grid

See how the grid operates in your region to understand where your electricity is coming from and how it gets there

Pick your electricity source

Support any electricity source and supplier of your preference, giving you absolute freedom to choose

Offset your carbon footprint

For green-minded consumers, calculate your exact carbon footprint, and create a customized carbon-offset portfolio


Track your savings

Receive weekly and monthly savings reports that clearly outline exactly how much you are (or are not) saving

Track your usage

Access your usage data and compare it to temperature, historical usage patterns, and other variables

Track your source

Track your electricity over time, understand which facilities are producing your electricity

Launching Soon

Apply now. The first 100 sign-ups get free electricity for a year.